Brass Knuckles Gelato

  Brass Knuckles Gelato We are a small, family-run gelato shop in the city’s heart. Our goal is to provide the freshest and most delicious gelato around. Our gelato has only the finest ingredients, including all-natural, locally sourced fruits and nuts. We have various flavors, so there is something for everyone. We also offer other treats, including cakes, pastries, and ice cream sandwiches. So enjoy a delicious treat and a friendly atmosphere at Brass Knuckles Gelato!

What are knuckle dusters used for?

  Used as a defensive and offensive weapon, brass knuckles are hardcore combat tools designed to enhance the punching power of the wearer’s fist. In a typical fight, participants form a fist by crossing their fingers over the palm and pressing the thumb against the index finger.

What happened to brass knuckles?

  A class action lawsuit against vape cartridge maker Brass Knuckles has been filed in California alleging breach of warranty, false advertising, unfair competition, poor brand image and tampering with THC concentrate pens, according to the Cannabis Law Report. The lawsuit also names SC Laboratories Inc.

Are brass knuckle carts actual?

  A Brass Knuckles cartridge is considered fake when it contains oil not manufactured by the current company. In China, companies manufacture cartridges with the Brass Knuckles brand, logos and packaging.  

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