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Dank Vapes LA Confidential, also known as Classified or Secret OG, is a strain that doesn’t quite fit in terms of hereditary qualities and impacts. While she is a genetic indica strain, her holdings are more like a crossbreed as she offers relaxing flows that are still very uplifting and chatty. When mixed here with the potent cannabinoid THCO, it borders on being practically hallucinogenic. For those new to THCO, THCO is a simple THC. The cannabinoid that is considered to have up to several times the strength of other regularly used ones like delta eight or delta 9 (THC). This viable 510 vape cartridge contains 1g of total cannabinoids and is released from MCT and other cutting specialists.

Is Dank Vape an Honest Company?

In the words of an October CDC report, Dank Vapes is not an actual company but “the most prominent in a class of largely counterfeit labels, with common packaging that is readily available online.” Dank Vapes is not the only black market product that has made people sick, but it is the most widely used product.

Are Wet Cartridges Legit?

They are made to look like part of a brand called Dank Vapes, but the brand is fake. Empty versions of Dank cartridges are sold on Alibaba and DHgate. THC oil producers then fill them up, often cut with less-than-desirable ingredients.

What Are The Symptoms of a Fake Vape?

Some things to look out for include: Mouth and gum problems – Swollen, red. And tender gums can indicate that your vaping products may contain harmful ingredients. Bleeding gums, mouth sores, and bad breath are potential side effects of counterfeit vape products.

What Are The Effects of LA Confidential?

Effects The high from this pine-scented strain begins by lulling the body to sleep. Inducing a state known as “couch lockdown.” Users who experience couch lock often feel waves of calming, relaxing euphoria and sometimes cerebral effects.

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