Is Mercedes Gold Seal Black Indica or Sativa?

Mercedes gold seal black has a strong aromatic odor with a dark brown exterior and a light brown interior. The inside of this Hash will remind you of a big delicious chocolate bar. Afghani Hash comes from small bushy indica plants pressed into beautiful Hashish.

What color is good, Hashish?

High-quality hand-rubbed Hashish is usually black or dark brown on the outside and light brown with some green specks on the inside. If the interior is too green, this may indicate that more plant debris is present, so you should avoid hand-rubbed Hash.

What is Moroccan Hashish?

Our Moroccan Hashish, also known as Ketama Gold, is an import from the hashish capital of Morocco: Ketama. This Hash provides an exceptionally smooth smoke that is not harsh on the throat. This light brown-blonde soup is hard and crumbly, but it becomes malleable if you heat it up a bit.

How is Turkish Hashish?

Sometimes it can look like aged Moroccan Hash. Turkish Hashish is sometimes found as thin, brittle wafers that easily crumble and pulverize. Effect: Very cerebral compared to other types of Hash. Probably the most cerebral high for any Hash.

Where does the best Hash come from?

The best types of Hashish come from the northern provinces, between the Hindu Kush and the Russian border. Each package contains 28g of product. Ketama Gold Hash – Ketama, or "Ketama Xaoen," is the name of 100% indica Moroccan hashish, derived from northern Morocco.

How is Hashish pressed?

On the surface of the Hashish, you can clearly see the tissue structure used. Hashish is usually pressed into 100g, 200g (usually), or 1000g (1kg) slabs. Some hash is hand-pressed like in Afghanistan, but sadly not traditionally exported.
What is the history of Hashish in Morocco?
The history of Hashish in Morocco dates back hundreds of years. Experts think that it was the Arab invasion of the Maghreb that brought cannabis plants to the region. However, local Moroccans didn't just use weed to get high. They also used it for its textile and fibrous qualities.

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