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Live Resin Cartridges, Delicate vapor, and smell with one of the best oils. Muha Meds Death Star is one of the tidiest ones right now. It provides a variety of different flavors and is unlike most regular coaches. You don’t have to be afraid of pesticides.

What Strain Cartridge is Death Star?

THC-H Vape Cartridge – Death Star. Our THC-H vape cartridge, death star, the first THC-H cartridge on the market, is now available. This innovative THC-H Muha meds exotics vape uses a premium THC-H distillate combined with Delta 8 and amazing terpene strains to deliver powerful mind relaxation and body buzz.

Who is The CEO of Muha Meds?

Ali Garaw In a phone consultation with Ganjapreneur, Ali Garawi, chief executive of Michigan-based muha meds fake, said the brand is preparing cease-and-desist notices against its many imitators.

Is Muha a Vaping Drug?

Muha Med Flavorsis a black-market brand of THC vape cartridges we have followed for a while. Unlike 99% of the fake brands out there, there seems to be a mysterious party behind the brand, which is very sore at being called a “black market.”
Is The Death Star Good For Anxiety?
Being an Indica-leaning strain, Death Star is one of the best strains for medical use. The soothing effect benefits people with stress-related problems such as muscle stiffness, anxiety, and insomnia.  

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