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Space Monkey Face On Fire is a predominantly Indica (85% Indica/15% sativa) cross strain created by crossing the specimen strains Gorilla Paste #4 X Wookie #15. Space Monkey has a full-bodied high that relaxes you in nature, ideal for spending a lazy day at home watching Netflix or nibbling.

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You’ll feel euphoric on set almost as you exhale, filling your psyche with great chills and unadulterated unfocused satisfaction.

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As your mind sinks into this blissful condition of ignorance, the relaxation of the body will work very well on you, leaving you completely calm and calm with your general surroundings without causing excessive sedation. Hell Face on Fire is the ideal strain for any patient who enjoys a balanced high and a great fiery flavour, despite its intriguing moniker.Face On Fire Space Monkey Medicines for sale

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The Hell Face on Fire begins with a mental rise in the mind, which leaves you feeling upbeat, creative, and slightly energised. Fire Space Monkey Medicines store

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This bud has a sweet, fruity grape flavor with a delicately sharp citrus exhale. This dizzying elevation is accompanied by a calming body high that anchors you to the couch, renders you utterly drugged, and causes you to fall asleep before you even realise it.Buy Cannabis in Tin  

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