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Buy Space Monkey Triangle OG online. Triangle Kush is an indica originating in Florida, named after the state’s three cannabis-producing capitals: Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. Indoor or outdoor grows are low-yielders. Active effects stimulating creativity and discussion drive this strain’s production. Flowers are expected at around 75 days. With a typical THC level of a little more than 20% and low CBD content, it is accepted that the space monkey strain effects were obtained from the OG Kush of Florida, which like this, is connected to Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai and Chemdawg. But the plant and its buds have an extraordinarily sharp and diesel-like smell. Upon more deep breaths in, a skunk undercurrent is clear, maybe because of its solid OG Kush legacy.

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While smoking Space Monkey Weed, anticipate that weighty flavors should hit you quickly with your first breath. The fiery taste is apparent, yet the acrid trailing sensation of lemony flavors is what the strain is known for. But this sharpness is very weighty and accompanies traces of pine and gritty flavor, making for a fascinating taste. This strain’s belongings are slow, but at the end of the day move toward something extraordinary.

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Space Monkey Strain causes you to feel loose, instigates episodes of imagination, and is excellent for different sorts of artisans. Clients frequently participate in profound discussions after consuming this strain since it makes a drive for conversation and can make you more engaged. Happiness kicks in soon and creates an enduring difference. 

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