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Buy Straight Goods Carts

Buy Straight Goods Carts. Something exciting is brewing in Canada’s Pacific Northwest. Straight Goods may be new to the scene, but these THC Cartridges appear to be the work of master extractors. They’re making a name for themselves with these Cartridges, which provide a true concentrate experience without the need for a dab rig.

Each Cartridge contains one gramme of rich golden-colored concentrate. The straightforward recipe foregoes additives such as propylene glycol in favour of two ingredients: THC Distillate and natural terpenes. Straight Goods THC Cartridges have killer variety as well, with 8 distinct variants extracted from individual strains. To create the ideal smoking experience, select from sativa, indica, or hybrid strains.

What Is A Straight Goods THC Cartridge?

Straight goods THC cartridges are a relatively new cannabis innovation. Companies rushed to create the most user-friendly and simple way to smoke concentrates when legal cannabis markets first emerged in the United States. These devices made their way north after the Canadian government legalised marijuana in 2018.

THC Cartridges are made of ceramic, metal, plastic, and glass components. After that, the containers are filled with marijuana concentrate. The concentrate in Straight Goods’ THC Cartridges is composed of 95% THC Distillate and 5% natural terpenes.

Available Straight Goods Carts  Flavors

The quality of any cartridge is critical. Variety is also important. Straight Goods recognised this and included eight distinct flavours with their THC Cartridges. Each Cartridge offers something unique, with a wide range of flavours and effects. Among the strains available are:

  • Strawberry Cough has a fruity flavour and a balanced high.
  • Maui Wowie is a traditional Hawaiian landrace.
  • Blueberry OG – indica vibes with an addictive flavour.
  • Grape Ape is a fruity and enticing indica.
  • Lime Sorbet is a new and rare Bubba Kush offspring.
  • Cantaloupe Haze is a difficult-to-find hybrid.
  • Mango Haze is a designer sativa-dominant hybrid with relaxing tropical undertones.
  • Gorilla Glue, also known as GG4, is one of the most potent strains of the last decade, with numerous award wins.

How To Know A Fake Straight Goods Cartridge

Buy straight goods carts With an innovative authentication process, it solves the problem of counterfeit knock-offs. Each item includes a scratch-off authentication code.

There are two QR codes on each product. The first leads to the results of third-party lab tests. The second QR code takes you to Instagram, where we share all of our third-party lab results.

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