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Violator Kush Shatter is a cannabis concentrate made using the Violator Kush strain of cannabis. Shatter is a type of concentrate known for its glass-like texture and high potency. Violator Kush is an Indica-dominant strain known for its relaxing and soothing effects. It crosses the Hindu Kush and Malana strains and has a high THC content. The concentrate is even more potent than the original flower when made into shatter. The cannabis plant is first extracted using a solvent such as butane or CO2. This process separates the plant material from the essential oils and cannabinoids, resulting in a concentrated oil. The oil is then purged of residual solvents and left to cool and solidify into a glass-like consistency. Violator Kush Shatter is typically consumed by smoking or vaporizing it using a dab rig, a specialized pipe used for consuming cannabis concentrates. Because of its high potency, it is essential to start with a small amount and drink it slowly until you know how it affects you.

What are the best purple cannabis strains?

Purple Kush Auto is another excellent purple strain available. With high THC levels, around 22-25%, the song shows super powerful effects when consumed. The result is immediate, and it acts as a powerful medicine. The purple variety is easy to grow and can grow well, even in harsh conditions or harsh weather.

What is Purple Tangie?

Purple Tangie is a Sativa-leaning strain developed by crossing Tangie with an undisclosed cultivar. This exotic variety of herbs has dark green and purple-colored leaves. The plant is beautifully decorated with reddish-brown pistils.

Is alien og a kush sativa?

About Alien OG. Although it has its roots in California’s OG Kush, Alien OG is an out-of-this-world strain with a reputation. This sativa-leaning hybrid was created by seed company The Cali Connection as a cross between Tahoe OG Kush (a phenotype of the original OG Kush) and Cali Connection’s own indica Alien Kush.

Where is Hunza Valley?

Hunza Valley. Hunza (Burushaski: ہنزو, Wakhi “kunjood” and Urdu: ہنزہ ‎) is a mountainous valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Hunza is located in the far north of Kashmir, bordering the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and China’s Xinjiang region.

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