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Cereal Carts Trix is an Indica-dominant hybrid that smells as good as it sounds; Tucan is sold separately. But this luscious strain reeks of its recessive Grapefruit and Blueberry genetics, taking White Widow’s moderate body effects further with every puff. This high-potency hybrid lingers and is slightly stimulating but, overall, mellow. Fruit Loops is a must-have for those seeking heady discussions and shrugging off daily stressors.  Riot Seeds asserts that they have produced the most powerful and dependable Colombian Gold hybrid by mating a New World landrace with Loompa’s Chemdawg D cut. Trix is a tasty smoke because it combines Chemdawg fuel aromas with Colombian Gold’s sweet, fruity scent. Trix will undoubtedly be a sativa grower’s dream after finishing in 10 weeks and generating enormous yields. Users can anticipate an energizing, electrifying high from this strain. Although it bears the moniker of breakfast cereal, this strain has a much fruitier flavor than marshmallows. However, Lucky Charms does have an alluring coating of sweet resin that it acquired from its trichome-heavy parent. Sativa/Hybrid. Leading Terpenes: Limonene and Myrcene. The finest cereal cartridge retailer in the USA is where you can buy Lucky Charm cereal.

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