Gary Payton Cookies


Gary Payton Cookies are a strain of cannabis named after former NBA player Gary Payton, known for his lockdown defense on the court. The hybrid theme provides a euphoric and uplifting high while also relaxing the body. Gary Payton Cookies are a relatively new strain, and their genetic makeup is not publicly known. However, it is believed to be a cross between the Y Griega and Snowman strains. The strain is known for its high THC content, ranging from 20% to 25%.

Is Gary Payton sativa dominant?

A sativa-dominant gary strain is an ideal choice for daytime use. This balanced strain provides a relaxed energy that can help you navigate your day smoothly. Gary Payton is an average bud with purple spots, large trichomes, and average pistils.

What flavor is the Gary Payton strain?

Gary Payton strain cookies’ sweet, diesel flavor turns herbal on the exhale. Its aroma follows the same sequence but is more aromatic and intense. The smell can linger in the air after burning the nuggets.

What is the effect of Gary Payton Cookies?

The strain has a sweet floral and citrus aroma with a fruity taste to match. The strain can produce mentally uplifting effects, potentially creating a lasting sense of calm throughout the body. Gary Payton’s other parent strain, Snowman, can also have various classic Sativa effects.

What is the most smiling strain?

Top 5 Giggly Strains
  1. Laughing Buddha.
  2. Honeydew.
  3. Durban poison. 
  4. Super Lemon Haze. 
  5. Diesel. 
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What strain is Gary?
Cookies Gary Payton or Gary Payton for short is obtained by crossing the genetics of the Sativa-dominant cannabis strain The Y or “Greek Y” and the Snowman hybrid cannabis strain. It is a highly sought-after hybrid cannabis strain known for its powerful onset of effects, enticing fragrance, and rarity.

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