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KingPen-Jack Herer is a brand of cannabis oil cartridge that is named after the famous cannabis activist and author Jack Herer. The Jack Herer strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid known for its energetic and creative effects. KingPen-Jack Herer cartridges are designed for use with vaporizer pens and are typically filled with high-quality cannabis oil that has been extracted using CO2. The cartridges are made from glass and feature a metal mouthpiece and base. KingPen-Jack Herer cartridges are popular among cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate the strain’s uplifting and cerebral effects. The cartridges are also known for their potency, with many users reporting substantial and long-lasting impacts. It’s important to note that the use of cannabis and cannabis products is regulated by local laws, and users should always exercise caution and follow applicable laws and regulations.

What kind of high does Jack Herer give you?

Jack Herer is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a lucid cerebral high and a strong, energetic indica effect simultaneously. The high experienced by the strain is euphoric and active, to a level that is beyond what most sativas are capable of.

Is Kingpen an indica or a sativa?

Kingpen Indica Cartridges: Kingpen manufactures two Indica strains that are increasingly popular with our customers. If you are looking for an Indica cannabis oil cartridge, Kingpen will blow your mind with the Cuvee Cookies strain that offers a unique flavor blend of floral cherry and milk chocolate.

Are King Vapes safe?

HQD King is a legitimate and safe vaping product. HQD stands for High-Quality Drip. It is an e-liquid made with vegetable glycerin as the main ingredient. Most people who use this product find it a great choice because it provides a smooth and consistent vaping experience.

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