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Mango Kush For Sale Online

Mango Kush is a popular cannabis strain known for its fruity aroma and relaxing effects. It is a hybrid that is considered a cross between Mango and Hindu Kush, two popular strains in the cannabis world.

What is it all about the Kush mango?

Mango Kush is an indica-dominant strain with strong aromas and flavors reminiscent of the fruit that gives the strain its name. It has notes of pine and banana on the exhale. These buds often grow into tight buds, covered in a layer of trichomes. Mango Kush is around 16-20% THC which makes her an easy strain. It is often used for relaxation and stress relief, and is said to have a calming effect on the mind and body. In terms of appearance, Mango Kush buds are normal and covered in trichomes, with a green color and orange hair. The aroma is sweet and spicy, with hints of mango and fruit.

What are the benefits of Kush mango?

It is also used by patients to reduce inflammation and to manage stress and anxiety. While popular among recreational cannabis users, this strain provides relief from a variety of symptoms for medical patients.

Why is it called Kusa?

Kush cannabis originates from plants indigenous to Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, and northwestern India and gets its name from the Hindu Kush mountain. “Hindu Kush” cannabis strains were brought to the United States in the mid-1970s and continue to be found there to this day.

What is special about Kush?

Kush, by definition, is an indica-dominant strain known for its powerful physical effects that can be calming, relaxing, and euphoric at the same time. You can expect a tall body accompanied by a head and a stone head.

What does Kush taste like?

Aroma: The smoke or vapor is clean and herbaceous, floral, grapey, diesel, citrusy, and earthy. Results: Kush often crosses between hybrid and indica potency. The results are sad and relaxing.

Does it smell kush?

For example, OG Kush has a strong, sweet, petroleum-like aroma that arises from high levels of myrcene and caryophyllene. At the other end of the spectrum, Jack Herer boasts high levels of terpinolene and pinene, giving it a woody, citrusy aroma.   Like all cannabis species, mango kush should only be used in accordance with local laws and regulations. Because the effects of cannabis vary from person to person, lemon og kush wax 1 users should always start with a low dose and gradually increase as needed.

About This Indica Strain

Buy Mango Kush Online : combines the beautiful and uplifting Mango sativa with Hindu Kush. The flowers sweet aroma from the actual tropical fruit along with banana undertones with Kush’s classic sour. earthy, piney note make this to be a great high. Quite possibly my favorite strain. Two bowls put me and a buddy into a fit of giggles for a good 45 minutes while munching down on a bag of Cheetos. Then we got serious for a bit and had just about the most beautiful in-depth talk ever. About an hour and a half after smoking, a bit of indica kicked in and had us couch-locked while listening to music. ERY nice clear head with a bit of indica body high. I didn’t get couch lock from it and felt refreshed. The flavor profile of this lady is stunning!! Tropical tasting on inhale… very sweet mango on exhale! Surging sativa full of optimism and excitement. Fun and funny. Perfectly chill, in control, and invested for social interactions or awesome alone create/game time. Only good vibes! Real trippy and psychadelic like acid. Visuals are fantastic, but slow to respond. down is sedative, but clean and soft. Remains positive and upbeat. Discovered this strain while I was in Tampa on business. Never had anything like it before. I was high from the first hit. And instantly a feeling of joy and happiness came over me. I have never smoked a strain that made me so happy so soon. I have smoked other strains that have made me happy but With those its usually 30 mins after smoking. This strain had me smiling like the grinch that stole Christmas. Buy weed Online UK

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