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Muha Med Cherry Berry

Muha Med Cherry Berry is a black-market brand of THC vape cartridges we have followed for a while. Unlike 99% of the fake brands out there, there seems to be a mysterious party behind the brand, which is enraged at being called a “black market.” You’ll practically think you’re eating this iconic summer fruit with a sweet, earthy aroma and a flavor with hints of berries. Although this strain is 80% Indica, it is reported to provide energetic, uplifting, and euphoric sensations.

Which Cart Flavor is the best?

OCS Top 12 510 Vaporizer Cartridges June 2022
  1. Mad Mango 510 thread cartridge.
  2. Peach Dream 510 thread cartridge. 
  3. Loud Lemon 510 thread cartridge paper menu. 
  4. Indica 510 thread cartridge. 
  5. Blueberry Kush High THC 510 thread cartridge.
  6. Disposable Pen Indica Blackberry Cream.

Is Cherry Berry indica or sativa?

Muha meds strawberry shortcake is a hybrid cannabis strain with a well-balanced sativa/indica ratio. Indicative of the 50/50 nature of Red Cherry Berry, it is a calming body buzz accompanied by a high-energy focus. Initially, the high is euphoric and cerebral.

What strain is Muha?

Muha Og is our signature predominantly indica strain. Its earthy flavor remains true to an OG kush. Its signature nose is its jet fuel odor, noticeable from afar.

What is the Cherry Berry variety?

Red Cherry Berry is a 50/50 hybrid developed by Barney’s Farms, which combined the classic Skunk #1 sativa with a California indica. The result is a sweet-smelling strain with intense notes of flowers and fruit.

Are Muha medicines licensed?

Muha Meds, a self-described street cannabis brand best known for the unregulated deal of THC-rich vape cartridges, has been granted a cannabis processor license in Michigan. Full story after the jump.

What is the fine mint strain good for?

This strain has perfectly balanced Sativa and Indica effects. It provides a total body high and psychoactivity higher than most strains. Thin Mint refreshes you with a sudden rush of euphoria that keeps you motivated. You use it in the morning to start your day in a relaxed state of mind.

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