Sticky Buns Cookies Strain


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Sticky Buns Cookies Strain

Sticky Buns Cookies Strai This unique strain of cannabis results from an incredible combination of genetics and flavors. Sticky Buns Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a 20-25% THC content. The long-lasting and potent effects lead to a relaxed, soothing feeling. Sticky Buns Cookies is perfect for those looking for a soft, full-body buzz and an enjoyable flavor.

What is The Flavor of Sticky Buns?

Cinnamon sugar and hot butterscotch fill your home with the most irresistible smell worth making just for the scent. Sticky bun cookies are one of California’s most notable makers, but many of their hereditary qualities remain secret. Moist Cookies is one of those hermit strains that individuals seem to adore. A bawdy variety name paired with excellent appealing characteristics and cookie brand advertising has caught the attention of many people. Sticky Bun Cookies are available in Sticky Bun Weed Strain and Sticky Bun Cookie Strain.

Who are the parents of the Sticky Buns strain?

Sticky Buns is a hybrid marijuana strain bred by Cookies sticky buns strain Leafly and Seed Junkie Genetics. This marijuana strain was created by crossing OG Kush and Durban Poison strains.

Are sticky buns indica?

These two cannabis powerhouses have created an incredible hybrid with legendary genetics. This balanced hybrid crosses Gelatti, a popular Indica-dominant hybrid strain of Cookies, and the Sativa-dominant Kush Mints.
Is Sticky Buns a good strain?
Sticky Buns is a cross between Kush Mints and Gellati, bringing an even set of effects with an incredibly smooth flavor. Sticky Bun is a great option for all smokers, as its 20% THC average is perfect for beginners and seasoned cannabis fans alike.  

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