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Dank Vapes Dole Whip For Sale

Dank Vapes Dole Whip is made with premium refined THC oil in its perfect structure. Furthermore, add all average terpene seasoning filled in a best-in-class glass cartridge with a ceramic warming component for predominant intensity conveyance. Dole Whip is a hybrid that induces a whole body and a fast-paced head buzz. But this THC-rich strain combines a Tangie and cookies cross with Pineapple Kush, and you can practically smell its lineage through sour notes of tangy citrus, earth pines and sweet pineapple.  Dole Whip is a hybrid strain that produces powerful, all-over effects and an intense head buzz. You can almost scent the ancestry of this potent strain, a cross between Tangie and Cookies and Pineapple Kush, thanks to its sour notes of tart citrus, earthy pine, and sweet pineapple. Essentially, this strain’s sedative properties combine with a tiny dose of CBD to deliver a potent painkilling and stress-relieving remedy.

Are Dank Vapes safe?

Their products are not tested and could contain nasty ingredients, including pesticides. In other words, DankWoods and Dank Vapes are not carried at legal dispensaries. As a result, we highly recommend not buying any Dank Vapes carts.

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