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Buy God Gift Hybrid 420 Online

God Gift Hybrid 420 is the potent offspring of OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple (GDP). This appropriately named, highly Indica-dominant hybrid strain is the mix of two of humanity’s most popular pain-relief strains. Some say God’s Gift is considered to have a lineage that makes it roughly 90% Indica and only 10% Sativa, but this is easily debatable.

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There is a lot of speculation that God’s Gift is an outright indica strain that found its rise to prominence on the West Coast sometime between 2004 and 2006–a time when California dispensaries especially could not keep enough of this stuff around to keep their shelves stocked. Since the mid-2000s, this NorCal original has made its way across the entire state of California. It is now found across the whole U.S.Buy God’s Gift Marijuana Online and other cannabis-related products from Cannabis avenue, the number mail-order marijuana online Dispensary.

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God’s Gift has a strong berry aroma and tastes similar to Granddaddy Purple but with fresh citrus and lemon undertones. The OG KUSH side adds an intense, deep, and fuel-laden aroma. The combination is almost indescribable, and the scent hovers in your nostrils for a while.

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The nugs are visually purple but not fragrantly purple; they take on a darker tone that often reveals purple hues upon breaking open these beauties. The indica lineage creates its typical dense structure. However, what set this strain apart is that each nug was utterly laden with sugary trichomes from head to toe.

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The effects from God’s Gift are precise, as you would expect from a heavily indica-dominant hybrid: instant, full-bodied, and intense. God’s Gift consistently performs well with at least 18% to 22% THC content when the lab tested; most top-shelf bud is in the 16% to 18% range. The God’s Gift strain seems to leave you in a peaceful daze that creeps until the high is entirely upon you, and you start yawning and looking for somewhere to take a load off. This is why I would recommend God’s Gift for nighttime use unless you have a very (and I mean very) high tolerance.

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The unique difference between God’s Gift and Granddaddy Purple is that while providing a calming, almost trance-like state from the indicia, it is not uncommon to feel extreme euphoria and happiness and become subject to fits of giggling and laughter from the OG Kush side. Buy God’s Gift Marijuana Online

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God’s Gift will surely put the body in a deep, trance-like state that seems perfect for dealing with chronic pains, chemotherapy pains, multiple sclerosis, inflammation, arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. Because the strain boasts such a high THC content and possesses a delicious berry flavor, patients and recreational users seem to love God’s Gift for its increased appetite properties and effectiveness as a stress reliever.

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A good strain for beginner growers, as she requires very little care or attention during the vegetation process and is not suspect to underwatering or low nutrients. Plants usually reach about 4 feet, take 8 to 9 weeks to finish, and squat. They’re most suitable for indoor grows but outdoor is still being determined. Buy God’s Gift Marijuana Online

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The God’s Gift strain is one of my current favorites for several reasons: first, it’s tough to find excellent indica songs that aren’t GDP consistently, but God’s Gift, like a “gift” from heaven, is always around the Bay Area; and second, there is no better strain to chill and unwind with after a long day than God’s Gift. Buy marijuana online.

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