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Buy Space Monkey Sunset Zkittlez Online

Space Monkey Sunset Zkittlez obtained Intriguing Genetix seeds to develop this tempting Huge Smooth blossom. Dropped from OG Blueberry and Treats and Cream, this Indica-predominant Half and half moves over the tongue with sweet and rich flavors. Enormous Smooth's cushioned nugs occupy the room with a fruity, natural smell, and a solitary toke supports terrible temperaments and tempers minor torments.

Space Monkey Edibles Online

space monkey edibles are the delicious product of crossing Sunset Sherbet and Zkittlez. But this hybrid strain is uplifting, promoting creativity, motivation, inspiration, imagination and progress. Sweet notes of candy and berries dominate the flavor profile. A cross between the delightfully potent Grape Ape X Grapefruit strains created the Indica-dominant hybrid, Space Monkey Edibles. The precise indica to sativa ratio varies depending on breeder practices, but Space Monkey Edibles has reliably been found to have a low THC content of 15%. At the 2015 Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and Michigan, this flower won first place for Best Indica despite having a comparatively low THC content. Despite its low THC level, this bud packs a powerful, tasty punch. Space Monkey Strain has a super fruity aroma of sweet tropical earth with a slight herbal effect. But the flavor is even better, with a sweet berry flavor with a crisp tropical citrus aftertaste that stays on the tongue long after you quit smoking. Although the Space Monkey Strain is just as enticing as its taste, it is relatively mellow.  It begins with an uplifting head buzz that makes you feel motivated and euphoric but not tense or overwhelmed. So, it is accompanied by a calming body buzz that gradually spreads throughout the body, all the way down to your fingertips, leaving you pain-free and calm, with no restrictions on mobility.

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