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Muha Meds Pound Cake provides that authentic French Quarter flavor. You can relax with a calming blend of sweet fruit tastes, from tropical pineapple to citrus melody. Things that come into touch with the device start to burn. Muhammad pound cake is not responsible for battery or charger fires, explosions, or malfunctions caused by unapproved charges or carts that have already been loaded with muha meds—the THC cartridges we sell come in various flavors that represent the strains the THC vaporizer juice contains.

What strain are Muha meds edibles?

Bred by Cookie Fam Genetics of California, London Poundcake’s exact genetics remain a proprietary secret. But it is known to be an Indica dominant strain with a THC content reaching up to 94% and a sweet berry, pine and jet-fuel-like aroma. Unfortunately, London Muha meds edibles are not available to purchase.

What strain are Muha meds edibles?

Pound for Pound Cake is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain made by crossing Sunset Sherbert with an unknown heavy-hitting indica. Muha meds edibles offer a loud berry and grape flavor backed by sharp lemon and citrus overtones.

What are Muha meds edibles for?

Muha meds edibles — a self-described street cannabis brand best known for the unregulated sale of THC-rich vape cartridges — has received a cannabis processor license in Michigan.

What strain are Muha meds?

Muha meds Og is our signature indica dominant strain. But its earthy flavor stays true to an OG kush. Its signature sniff is its jet fuel odor, which is noticeable from afar.

What percent are Muha meds edibles?

Each live resin disposable carries a guaranteed potency of at least 82% THC. But the company also offers full-gram cartridges in 14 unique and fantastic-tasting flavors. Muha Meds has conducted extensive research and development for the best smoking experience.

Are Muha meds pound cake fake CBD?

Every drop of our phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) oil contains 112 cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC and THCA. You will also find a variety of naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids. But it means that Muha meds pound cake fake products contain a full spectrum of beneficial natural compounds.

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