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Berry pie cookies are the most notable makers in California, but many of their hereditary qualities remain under wraps. Oat Milk is one of those withdrawn strains that people seem to love. A riotous strain name combined with effortlessly excellent and attractive characteristics and the hype of the Treats brand has caught the attention of many people. Order berry pie treats on the web. Beyond the cookies headquarters, no one understands the heritable qualities of Grain Milk. Many sources hypothesize that it is a cross of Nightfall Sherbet or some resemblance thereof. However, it isn’t easy to confirm. What is easy to ensure is the attractive appearance of the strain. It has thick, stretchy buds with deep purple streaks and trichomes that essentially drip off the leaves. Berry pie cookies are available to purchase.

What Variety is Cookies Berry Pie?

sativa Description: Berry Pie is a Sativa developed by Cookies x Seed Junky Genetics. This infamous cross of GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and Blueberry has the distinctive aroma of blueberry waffles with unique floral notes. This is complemented by a deliciously sweet taste of fresh berries and cream.

How Does The Berry Pie Strain Make You Feel?

How does the Berry Pie variety make you feel? Berry Pie produces an energizing and euphoric high that has been reported to induce laughter and make people feel aroused. Berry Pie is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain comprising 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetics.

What Does The Berry Pie Strain Taste Like?

Berry Pie is a cannabis strain known for its balanced high and delicious berry flavor. What does berry pie mean? Berry Pie means this delightful hybrid tastes like a mixture of cookie crust and berries
Is Blueberry Pie an Indica or a Sativa?
About this hybrid strain The Blueberry Pie cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid born from the cross of the popular strains Blue Dream and GSCx.

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