Space Monkey Holy Grail Kush


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Space Monkey Holy Grail Kush is an Indica-prevailing half-breed cannabis strain made by crossing Gorilla Paste and Wookie #15. The smell is sharp, crazy, harsh, and wet, with somewhat sweet lavender just in case. You’ll track down a couple of dazzling orange-red hairs and respectable trichome inclusion on Space Monkey’s short to medium, mostly round, dusty to dull green nugs.  Space Monkey devotees love its loosening body and serene head high and say it’s perfect for daytime use, throbbing painfulness, stress, PTSD, nausea, and low-resistance smokers. But the individuals who have smoked Space Monkey likewise report a smooth hit with pleasantness, pine, citrus and lavender notes. So, this Indica-dominant hybrid, which has a Sativa/Indica ratio of 40:60, packs THC levels of as much as 24%, one of the most potent options on the medical market. That power makes holy grail strain effects a good choice for treating various conditions, including anxiety, nausea, nerve pain, and chronic bodily pain. But the body high, which is both relaxing and euphoric, is a sure ticket to a good night’s sleep. 

Is holy grail strain effects good?

This holy grail strain effects something special. This strain is reported to provide a well-balanced, stimulating and relaxing high. But the effect is an excellent body buzz without the couch lock. THC levels are moderate at 15-20%.

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