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KingPen King Louis OG 420 might be more famous for making de rigueur men’s wigs for the French aristocracy. Still, in Southern California, the name will remind you of a popular Indica-dominant strain. This variety is advertised as many people did in the 17th century: by its smell. The difference is that the scent of this monarch is meant to be enjoyed; his dense buds have an overwhelming piney scent with an earthy musk that will make you think of your latest adventure in the woods. Bred partly from OG Kush, Louis XIII has a similar spicy kush aroma. Suitable for insomnia, this strain often has a THC level of over 20%. Buy the 710 KINGPEN King Louis OG vape cartridge at the 710 KINGPEN SHOP today! Exotic carts are available here!

Is King Louis Indica or Sativa?

The King Louis strain, also known as King Louis XIII, is a potent Indica-dominant cross of OG Kush and L.A. Confidential, with myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene as its primary terpenes, offering a spicy, earthy, citrusy, piney and hoppy taste and smell.

How potent is King Louie OG?

This strain is as solid and robust as King Louis of France, with a high THC level of 24-30%. The plant of the King Louis marijuana variety stands out from the rest for its dense lime-green buds covered in a layer of resinous trichomes.

What does King Louie OG do?

The King Louis XIII effects are powerful, leaving users nostalgic for its specific O.G. characteristics. This strain offers users deep relaxation, lulling them into a deep sleep with pleasant pressure behind the eyes.

What is King Louis supposed to taste like?

The King Louis variety has a smooth and pleasant flavor and aroma that combines earthy and herbal aromas with sweet and fruity flavors. Smokers detect hints of mango and citrus in the aftertaste, but the smell is predominantly earthy with hints of pine.
Is King Louie a nice guy?
King Louie Lamont, better known as King Louie, is a secondary antagonist in Disney’s 19th animated feature film, The Jungle Book. He is a giant orangutan and the king of Bandar Log, who kidnaps Mowgli and holds him hostage, until Mowgli reveals how to make the “Red Flower” or fire.

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