What is a “KingPen-Cali-O” Variety?

KingPen-Cali-O (often called “Cali O”) is a classic, as it is a cannabis strain that dates back to the early 1980s. As a result, only a few people are aware of its origin. It is considered one of the most popular hybrids and offers a sweet, citrusy aroma.

What is the THC level of Cali Orange?

In a 50:50 sativa-indica ratio, Cali Orange has a THC level ranging from 8-15%. ‘Cali Orange’s healing abilities counteract inattention, anxiety disorders, hyperactive behavior, insomnia, and severe mood swings.

What is Cali OG Kush?

Cali OG Kush is a strain of weed. Leafly reviewers say this strain makes them feel relaxed, focused, and creative. Cali OG Kush has 7% CBD and 7% THC. The dominant terpene in this strain is myrcene. If you have smoked, smoked, or otherwise enjoyed this strain, Cali OG Kush, please let us know first!

What is the Kingpin vape pen?

Sale! The Kingpen vape pen is a vaporizer manufactured in the Kingpen laboratories. Kingpen prides itself on having the most advanced technology when it comes. Kingpen Official Store is an online hub with unique products in stock. We are the best electronic cigarette superstore. This comes in a convenient case.

How is Kingpen Oil made?

Kingpen Oil is manufactured in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing laboratory. It is distilled 5 times resulting in a high-quality product that passes strict qualitative and quantitative tests. We then add proprietary blends of terpenes to achieve the best flavor possible without PG, VG, PEG, or other additives. What makes the 710 Kingpen different from other vape pens? 710 Kingpen, unlike other vape pens, has an excellent clean design and feel. Each cartridge contains 0.5ml and 1ml of lab-tested, solvent-free THC oil. The oil used in the 710 Kingpen cartridges is of the highest quality. The reason why it is currently the most awarded vape cartridge.

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